A Conversation on Race

Amid the uproar felt across the nation following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, I sat down with Karen Fleshman of Racy Conversations.  The discussion spanned our nation’s painful history, persistent yet unaddressed injustices toward Black Americans, and what needs to be done to heal the unleashed anguish and outrage we see today.  (Original air date:  Friday, June 12, 2020)

Guest:  Karen Fleshman, Attorney, Racial Equity Strategist, Speaker, and Author/http://www.racyconversations.com


Walking in Vision and Purpose While SLAYing the Odds

My guest today is a dynamic serial entrepreneur who empowers and motivates others to pursue their life’s dreams.  She also clients to use electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, and computers to facilitate daily life tasks.  And she was born blind.  Her strength, optimism, and creativity awe those who meet hear and I know you will be inspired.  Check out my conversation with Kamille Richardson. (Original air date:  May 8, 2020)

Guest:  Kamille Richardson, CEO & Founder of Blind Girl Vision & ISee Technology/@BlindGirlVision

Living Beyond Labels: Children Can Rise and Thrive Beyond Learning Challenges

When parents learn their child has a learning disability, it’s often shocking, but it can be a relief at the same time.  They get answers to their questions along with strategies for helping their son or daughter overcome the obstacles in their path to success at school.  On the flip side, educators and others might consciously or unconsciously use those diagnoses as labels that blind them to the student’s potential.  Today’s guests are committed to creating better outcomes for students who have been labeled.  Dr. Kimberly Douglas creates and delivers courses that help parents guide their children’s educational journey.  Dr. Linda McGhee helps students navigate academic and social situations, and conquer challenges posed by their learning differences. (Original air date:  April 10, 2020)


Dr. Kimberly Douglass, Founder of Reimagine Academy/www.reimagineacademy.teachable.com

Dr. Linda McGhee, Clinical Psychologist, Speaker, and Radio Host/www.lindamcghee.com





Women and Wellness During the Pandemic

Today, I talked to Dr. Sharron Credle and Sharrelle Higgins, the dynamic hosts of Sisters & Company Talking About It. They empower women to deal with obstacles on the path to their life’s goals.  Dr. Credle and Sharron told us how they each coped with the lockdown.  Sharelle had firsthand experience with the coronavirus when she and her husband fell ill.   The sisters sprinkled their accounts with words fo wisdom we should all take to heart. (Original air date:  May 29, 2020)


Sharrelle Higgins, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach, and Founder of OUCHBBY Productions/www.ouchbby.com

Dr. Sharron Credle, Educator and Expert on organizational leadership and women’s empowerment and Author of The Dr. S.D.C. Structured Journal: Shift the mindset & the view will change/www.drsdc-corporation.org and www.urge-foundation.org




A Celebration of Motherhood: A Mom on a Mission to Help Other Moms Shine

Today, I caught up with Nikki Osei Barrett, Co-Founder of District Motherhued and The Momference. Did I mention she’s a super-busy wife and mom of three?  Nikki shared her mom journey, from the beginning, in her teen years through the pursuit of her education and on to the launch of her boutique public relations firm and the creation of a dynamic organization for moms of color.  In case you missed it, click the link above and listen.  (Original Air Date:  Friday, March 20, 2020)

Guest:  Nikki Osei Barrett/http://www.districtmotherhued.com and http://www.themomference.com



Let’s Talk About Love: Creating Connections

Finding love can be magical and life-changing, but you have to be ready to receive it and reciprocate. I sat down with two experts who help clients find and sustain fulfilling love relationships. First, you’ll hear from Reginald Smith, also known as Coach Reg of R U Coached. Later, Kimberly Cleveland of The Wife University joins the conversation and shares her approach to helping women prepare for marriage and preserve healthy marital relationships. (Original Air Date: Friday, February 14, 2020)


Reginald Smith, Educator, Communicator, and Relationship Coach/www.rucoached.com

Kimberly Cleveland, Speaker, Blogger, and The Wife Coach/www.thewifeuniversity.com

Celebrating Black Motherhood, Pt. II – Being a Model Mom

As we continue this month’s theme of Celebrating Black Motherhood, I caught up with Alina Patton Jones, a dynamic mom who shares her experience balancing the needs of her beautiful family while crafting a multi-faceted career as a community activist, social worker, model, and author. Her secret to making it all work? She calls it “a practical positivity focused on making the best of the present while believing in the future and conquering her insecurities in a visible way, inspiring others along the way.” Check out our conversation here. (Original Air Date: Friday, January 31, 2020)

Guest: Alina Patton-Jones, Community Activist, Social Worker, Model, Author/www.alinapattonjones.com and www.mommyamipretty.com

A Celebration of Motherhood, Pt. I: A Look At Jack & Jill of America, Inc.

In this discussion, we examine the experience of raising black children in the U.S. through the lens of Jack & Jill of America, Inc., our nation’s oldest organization for mothers devoted to the growth, development, and education of Black children. Our guest, Danielle Brown provided a particularly illuminating perspective of the organization’s history and a glimpse into what members are are most concerned about today. (Original Air Date: Friday, January 10, 2020.)

Guest: Danielle Brown, National President, Jack & Jill of America, Inc./http://www.jackandjillinc.org

Home & Family Part II – One Mother’s Recipe for a Peaceful, Blended Family

Families take on many forms and blended families are on the rise. Increasingly, we find that couples are coming together with one or more of partners being joined by children from previous marriages or relationships. These transitions often take extra effort to make them work. Today, we talk to a mother who, along with her family, has done the work to create a beautiful blended family. (Air Date: Friday, November 29, 2019)

Guest: Rev. Dana Porter Ashton, Pastor and Author of Yours, Mine, and Ours: A Mother’s Guide to Blending a Family (but Anybody Can Use It)

Home & Family, Part I

What a great conversation we had with today’s guests. Our theme was Home & Family: Where Hope, Courage and Dreams are Born. These two phenomenal women have achieved personal and professional success and fulfillment while holding fast to home and the values that shaped them. You’ll want to hear what they had to say. (Air Date: November 8, 2019)


Daphne Maxwell Reed – Actor, Producer, Designer, and Author/www.daphnemaxwellreid.com

Kristi Guillory Reid/Attorney – Policy Analyst, and Author/www.harpercountsherblessings.com