Home & Family Part II – One Mother’s Recipe for a Peaceful, Blended Family

Families take on many forms and blended families are on the rise. Increasingly, we find that couples are coming together with one or more of partners being joined by children from previous marriages or relationships. These transitions often take extra effort to make them work. Today, we talk to a mother who, along with her family, has done the work to create a beautiful blended family. (Air Date: Friday, November 29, 2019)

Guest: Rev. Dana Porter Ashton, Pastor and Author of Yours, Mine, and Ours: A Mother’s Guide to Blending a Family (but Anybody Can Use It)

Home & Family, Part I

What a great conversation we had with today’s guests. Our theme was Home & Family: Where Hope, Courage and Dreams are Born. These two phenomenal women have achieved personal and professional success and fulfillment while holding fast to home and the values that shaped them. You’ll want to hear what they had to say. (Air Date: November 8, 2019)


Daphne Maxwell Reed – Actor, Producer, Designer, and Author/www.daphnemaxwellreid.com

Kristi Guillory Reid/Attorney – Policy Analyst, and Author/www.harpercountsherblessings.com

A Time to Heal: A Look at Bullying

You don’t want to miss my conversation with America’s Bullying Expert, Dr. Mildred Peyton. She has a wealth of experience helping individuals and organizations confront this epidemic. We walked through the definition of bullying, how it plays out in schools and work settings, the adverse effects and strategies for addressing it. Listen here and let me know what you think! (Air Date: Friday, October 11, 2019)

Guest: Dr. Mildred Peyton, Consultant, Educator, and Author/http://www.drmildredpeyton.com

Higher Knowledge: Attending College Debt-Free

Check out my conversation with Adebisi Adebowale, College Coach and Founder of Upliftology. Ms. Adebowale is committed to helping students find the right college that helps them meet their academic and life goals while leveraging scholarships and other resources to avoid taking on the burden of student loans. Her approach has helped many students gain admission to top colleges and universities and build rewarding careers. (Air Date: Friday, September 13, 2019)

Guest: Adebisi Adebowale, College Coach and Founder of Upliftology/www.upliftology.co

Cracking the Code on Child Care

Today, we explored a bold child care solution for working Moms!  I was joined by the dynamic educator, consultant, and author, Susan Tatsui D’Arcy who was also named 2019 California Mother of the Year®.  She describes her approach described in The Millennial’s Guide to Free Child Care in Your Home. It might be just the answer for you!  Listen here and see what Susan had to say!

Guest: Susan Tatsui D’Arcy, Educator, College Advisor, and Author/http://www.meritworld.com

Winning the College Game

As the college admissions game becomes increasingly competitive, many students wonder just what it takes to make their application stand out from the rest. Many resort to such tactics as loading up their resumes with activities or advanced courses for which they have little to affinity. Some go as far as to misrepresent their abilities in athletics and admissions testing as recent scandals have revealed. There is another way. Today’s guest has written a book that helps students design robust projects that allow them to research and learn more about a topic or cause that is important to them while demonstrating a range of skills and talents that will catch the attention of college admissions directors. (Air date: Friday, August 9, 2019)

Guest: Susan Tatsui-D’Arcy, 2019 California Mother of the Year®️, Educator, College Consultant, and Author of Beat the College Game with Project Merit/www.meritworld.com

Creating a Legacy of Wealth

This was a great conversation with two BOSS Mompreneurs. They share how they made the transition from successful corporate careers to launching wildly successful enterprises. They are looking forward to the day when their children are established in their own ventures and/or are ready to take the reins of the family business. See how they’re preparing. (Air Date: July 12, 2019)


Jatali Bellanton, Founder of Kids Who Bank and 2019 New York State Mother of the Year/http://www.kidswhobank.com

Lisa Anderson, President of Anavo Transformation Solutions/http://www.anavots.com

Conquering the Summer Slide: How Reading Can Help

Schools out for summer! Kids (and their parents) need a break. It’s time for road trips, beach vacations, summer camp, and amusement parks.
That’s absolutely true. It’s also true that we have to find ways to keep our children’s minds stimulated during the summer to help them retain their academic skills. Otherwise, they may experience what educators call the summer slide. In this episode, we offer tips about how to prevent the summer slide and how summer reading plays a vital role. (Air date: June 14, 2019)

Guest: Caroline Brewer, Author, Educator, and Literacy Activist/http://www.carolinebrewerbooks.com

Why Not Today? Tips for Ending Procrastination

Do you feel stuck? Not sure what to do first? The best thing you can do is get started. That is sometimes easier said than done. Check out today’s conversation and you may just pick up a few tips to get you going. If nothing else, you can certainly pick up a copy of the book, The Discipline of Now: 12 Practical Principles to Overcome Procrastination by Eric M. Twiggs. (Air Date: May 31, 2019)

Guest: Eric M. Twiggs, Coach, Consultant, and Speaker/www.ericmtwiggs.com

Things to do in Charm City

As summer approaches, families will have more time to explore what Baltimore has to offer. Joining me for today’s episode are two city-zens who didn’t grow up here, but have made Baltimore their own. Hear what Blogger Alysha January and Entrepreneur Carleen Goodridge do for fun in Charm City. After that we hear from Cheryl Whitaker, the 2019 Maryland Mother of the Year. We’ll share moments from our experience at the 84th Annual Convention of American Mothers In. where we were both state honorees.

Looking for new ways to enjoy Baltimore? Check out these resources:






Alysha January, Blogger, Connector, Connoisseur of Culture/http://www.discovercharmcity.com

Carleen Goodridge, Founder of Le Monade

Cheryl Whitaker, 2019 Maryland Mother of the Year and First Lady of River of Life Church/www.riveroflifeonline.org