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Information parents need from sources they can trust.


I am humbled, yet excited to announce that I was recently named the 2019 DC Mother of the Year by American Mothers, Inc.

The Parenting 411

The days may seem long but the years are short.  Luckily, there’s The Parenting 411, where we deliver “information parents need from sources they can trust”!

The Parenting 411 is a portal through which Carol is able to present contemporary perspectives along with conventional wisdom, all curated through personal experience as a parent and certified parent educator, training, research, and engagement with leading thinkers on the topic.

Through The Parenting 411, Carol strives to offer parents the essential tools they need to support, enrich and nurture their children’s healthy growth and development while fostering communication and cultivating warm, respectful family relationships that will last a lifetime.


Workshops/Classes/Parent Talks

Through years of research and practical experience working with parents, Carol has acquired a wealth of knowledge and insight that she has packaged to guide parents as they nurture the growth and development of their children. Every child and the family he inhabits is different, yet Carol understands that parents generally want many of the same things for their children – confidence, courage, competence, creativity, and compassion. Carol can offer classes on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Positive Discipline
  • Parent-Child Communication
  • Academic Achievement
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Parenting Children with Special Needs


Carol enjoys speaking about parenting and family relationships and has had the privilege of speaking to parents at schools, churches, and other organizations.  She is often asked to speak at conferences and participate in panel discussions and has been featured on radio programs, locally and nationally.

Consulting Services

Many challenges parents face are ‘all too familiar’, yet they manifest differently because each family is unique.

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Information parents need from sources they can trust.

The tagline reflects what I strive to do in all of my work.  I have spent a lot of time learning and testing theories and approaches and of course, practicing on my own children.  Yet, I don’t seek accolades as an ‘expert’.

On Parenting 411, I aspire to be a credible ‘witness’ to all I have seen and learned in hopes that I, along with our guests, can offer it to parents for their careful consideration.

From the Journal


Carol enjoys talking about parenting and family relationships and has had the privilege of speaking to parents at schools, churches, and other organizations.  She is often asked to speak at conferences and participate in panel discussions and has been featured on radio programs locally and nationally.

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Scaling Up:  Planning Your Next Act 

A playbook for moms trying to figure out how to actively parent their kids without losing themselves and their life’s dreams. 

 Do You Hear Me:  Staying Connected in the Chaos 

Key pillars parents can build in their relationships with their children to foster positive communication, connection, and cooperation.

Parenting in the Digital Age 

A toolkit for parents as they strive to remain relevant and influential in their children’s lives amidst evolving technology, electronic communications, and social media.

Stress S.O.S.:  Helping Teens Manage Their Lives 

Tools and strategies for parents guiding teens through a season of growth, change, and discovery that is sometimes scary, but always enlightening.

 Parenting with Vision – Coming Soon!! 

A guide for parents to design a framework for nurturing, relating to, and training their children so that they develop healthy as well as socially and emotionally appropriate behaviors.

Many challenges parents face are ‘all too familiar’, yet they manifest differently because every family is unique.   Are you seeking that personal touch for insight and advice on parenting?

Carol and her team have developed a learning experience that introduces enlightened tools and strategies for engaging with children and invites introspection and reflection so that parents come away with renewed purpose and perspective on this wondrous journey.



Carol enjoys engaging with the community through various organizations.  Click below to see what Carol has been doing as well as what's coming up!

What people are saying…

Mrs. Carol Muleta, is a lady of excellence and grace.  She is a jack of all trades- fulfilling the responsibilities of a mother, helpmate, teacher, and professional.  We met Mrs. Muleta a few years ago, when she enrolled her son in our basketball training program.  Not only did she enjoy the program for her child, but she truly believed in our mission and the things we stood for! From that point, she was all in with our organization, becoming not only one of our biggest supporters to the community, but she also took the time to help us grow.  We've collaborated on a few ventures, and every experience has been a rewarding one.  The knowledge she's shared to other families in our program, regarding parenting and other home development seminars- has really given our organization more value, as well as nurtured the lives of those in attendance.  We are grateful to know Mrs. Muleta, and have her on our side in business and friendship.

Team ToweFounders of Cross-Training Athletes Into Believers (CTAB), a non-profit athletic training & coaching organization.

Carol, your tenacity, patience, and poise is admirable. I appreciate your resourceful insight and calming support in helping me explore new ideas for parenting. I am grateful for your commitment in helping parents learn how we can be encouraging and effective models in our family.

Rev. Ciara SimonsonMother of 2

Carol has the unique combination of being exceptionally professional and knowledgeable, while making one feel as if they are talking to an old friend.

Randi A Blogger and Mother of 2

I have worked with Carol a number of years as a referring professional and I have appeared on her radio show on numerous occasions.  She is always prepared, well in advance, and knowledgeable.  Carol knows how to put her guests at ease.  She is a natural but backs up her God-given talents with hard work.  Carol is a class act and one smart lady.

Linda MClinical Psychologist

It’s not often that you meet someone who has the gentle nature and kindness of your grandma coupled with the patient listening abilities of a seasoned therapist.  Carol Muleta has all of those traits and more.  As a parent educator she has the wonderful ability to calmly listen, offer advice and provide insight in a manner that enables you to listen, accept feedback and build up your confidence to try and try again.  Being a parent is one of the, the hardest path I’ve ever walked down.  I have always felt so incredibly fortunate to be able to learn from Carol on how to best maneuver the ups and downs of raising two incredibly wonderful and gifted children.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to put their best foot forward as walk through their parenting journey.

Mother of 2

About Carol Muleta

I am Carol and I…

am a mom of twins.

At turns, inspired and confounded by their hijinks and habitudes, I felt out-manned and manic trying to figure it all out.  All along, I knew our boys were fascinating and created with individual purpose and possibility and it was my mission to unleash it. I was also determined to avoid the pitfall of treating our two-fold gift as one body or one unit expected to think, do, and feel everything, lockstep and in formation.

BUT, first I needed tools.

My ‘formal’ efforts in this regard began with courses led by the Parent Encouragement Program, Inc. when my sons were 2 years old.  I was introduced to positive discipline and the teachings of noted psychologist, Alfred Adler.  His approach to understanding the motivations behind human behavior intermingled with stages of human development resonated with me and suited my rational mindset.  To my total surprise, however; it also spoke to my heart on a spiritual level.  It occurred to me that parenthood was a not an assignment to be “muddled through”, but a ministry presented by God that I had best honor.  Through all the discussion about misbehavior and meltdowns (for parents and kids!), I saw parallels to my journey with God and the highlights and the low moments along the way.  I began to speak about this to others and got blank stares until one day I shared it with a friend who got it.  Fast forward about 5 years or so and, together, we co-founded our own company with this core principle of ‘parenting as ministry’ underpinning our work.

As co-founder and managing partner of a parent education and consulting company, I created parenting programs, provided training, consulted with families, and hopefully, changed lives.  Today, as Creator, of The Parenting 411, I also design customized tools and resources to guide parents as they seek to encourage their children’s healthy growth and development, instill confidence and self-discipline, and, overall, promote harmony in the family.

In the time since my initial connection with the Parent Encouragement Program, I’ve completed countless hours of classwork and study, served on the Board of Directors, become a certified Parent Educator, and I continue to lead parenting classes and present community talks on their behalf.

In January 2015, another platform opened for me – talk radio.  I was invited to join Team Radio Baltimore, a dynamic circle of women offering a diverse array of expertise that we showcase in our programming on WOLB 1010 AM Talk Radio.  My show is Parenting 411, where we provide “information parents need from sources they can trust.”

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Siblings Without Rivalry: How to Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too
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