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My Story

Let me take you on a little journey. Imagine this: being a mom of twins, constantly toggling between feeling inspired and utterly confounded by their antics. There were days I felt overwhelmed and outmanned, trying to decode their unique, yet intertwined worlds. From the start, I knew my boys were extraordinary, each crafted with his own purpose and potential. My mission? To help them flourish as individuals, not just as a pair moving in lockstep.

But, oh boy, did I need some guidance!

When my sons turned two, I dove into parenting courses; a mix of curiosity and sheer necessity pushing me forward. That’s when I stumbled upon the concept of positive discipline and the teachings of Dr. Alfred Adler, a renowned psychologist. His insights into human behavior and development not only clicked with my logical side but also touched my heart on a spiritual level. It dawned on me that parenthood wasn't just a chaotic journey to endure; it was a sacred ministry entrusted to me by God. This realization transformed my perspective, turning everyday challenges into opportunities for growth and reflection.

I began sharing this epiphany and was often met with puzzled looks. BUT one day, a friend truly understood. Fast forward five years, and together, we co-founded a company grounded in the principle of ‘parenting as ministry.’

As the co-founder and managing partner of this parent education and consulting company, I designed programs, provided training, and offered consultations, aiming to make a positive impact on families. In 2015, I embarked on a solo adventure, launching The Parenting 411. My goal? To deliver information parents need from sources they can trust. arm parents with trustworthy information, practical tools, and strategies to connect courageously with their children, teach essential life skills confidently, and savor the joy of parenting consciously.

My journey has led me to exciting platforms beyond workshops and classes. I hosted the Parenting 411 Radio show on WOLB 1010 AM Talk Radio for six enriching years, have spoken at numerous events, and in 2021, launched The Parenting 411 Podcast. It’s been quite a ride from my earlier days in fashion merchandising and corporate marketing, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

So, that’s my story. I’m here to support and empower parents, turning the beautiful chaos of raising children into a joyous, purposeful adventure.