Mother's Work:  Pearls Of Wisdom & Gems From My Journey

To say motherhood has been an adventure is quite an understatement.  It's been more like a wild ride, but I wouldn't trade a moment of it.  Not only has it been my privilege to watch my baby boys grow, but my continued evolution as a woman AND a mom has also been an unexpected blessing.  Along the way, I held fast to pearls of wisdom that comforted and guided me.   Each mother has a unique path to tread in guiding each of her children to be whom God intended them to be.  I am thrilled to share my journey with you.
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You Are Enough:  Messages of Inspiration & Empowerment to Live Your Best Life

This remarkable collection curated by Dr. Cheryl Wood and Les Brown is a must-read and will make a formidable addition to your library.  On these pages, you will find illuminating messages from voices around the world who want you to know, that You ARE Enough.  Write your vision and make it plain.  You are equipped to bring it to fruition.  All of us writers have a wealth of experience overcoming external as well as internal barriers to personal satisfaction and fulfillment of our goals.  We share revelations that can help you avoid the pitfalls we encountered.

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I Am A Victor:  Stories of Individuals Who Victoriously Turned Their Pain Into Purpose, w/Dr. Cheryl Wood

Life is full of surprises  Sometimes, we play a leading role in what happens to us.  Other times?  We incur collateral damage from the actions of others. More often than not, we draw poignant lessons from these moments that illuminate our path forward.  In these pages, 40 authors offer insight, encouragement, and motivation through their authentic testimonies.  I share a life-changing moment from my young adult life. Without immediately realizing it, I was presented a blueprint for overcoming obstacles and finding a way to WIN!  I hope you are inspired.

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Courageous Enough To Launch: Stories & Strategies Of Everyday Women Who Faced Their Fears To Launch & Grow Thriving Businesses