Handling the Holidays When the Heart is Grieving

The holiday season can be a time of “great cheer” as the song goes.  Yet, it can be a time of profound sadness as we remember losses we have suffered, especially recent losses.  There is a way out of grief and on to peace and understanding.  It is not always an easy way.  Today's guests joined me to discuss this and offer hope to those who are struggling.  (Air Date:  December 8, 2017)

Guests:  Dora Carpenter, Grief Coach and Founder of From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program; Barbara Owens, Educator, Grief Coach and contributing author of ” The Roots of Holiday Grief”; and Dr. Linda McGhee, Clinical Psychologist and Founder of McGhee & Associates

Conquering College: Getting In and Staying In

Students, and their parents, breathe a collective sigh of relief when they receive the good news — they've been admitted to college.  With the intense levels of stress and anxiety in today's competitive climate, it feels like the worst is over once they receive that affirmation.  The reality is that once our students get in, very shortly they will have to buckle down and do the work to STAY in.  It's not just the academics they have to think about.  There's social engagement, connections to be made with staff and professors and, of course, the mundane tasks of eating right, getting enough rest, and juggling ‘housekeeping' duties without Mom and Dad overseeing things.  I spoke with two experts who had a a wealth of information to share about strategies and resources students and tap into and make this transition much easier!  (Air Date:  October 10, 2017)

Guests:  Dr. Kpakpundu Ezeze, Founder & President of Future Quest Inc. and author of Dream College:  How to Get Your Children in to the Top Schools and Dr. Wendy Osefo, Political Commentator, Professor, and Founder of The 1954 Equity Project

Countdown to College, Part III: Learning to Let Go

We explore the challenges parents face when their teens head off to college and and we can no longer look over their shoulders and call the shots.  Listeners hear tips for navigating this major life transition and finding ways to savor it as a truly victorious moment for their children.  (Air Date:  July 13, 2017)

Guests: Dr. Linda McGhee of McGhee & Associates and Amelia Truett, Founder of TruPartner Coaching, and Zariah Settles, college student

Countdown to College, Part II: Decisions, Decisions

After pressing through the gauntlet of college visits, testing and applications, teens and their families reach ‘D-Day’, usually May 1st, when they have to make the big decision.  Based on their professional as well as personal experiences, Ralph and Linda alert listeners to key factors to consider when facing this very important choice. (Air Date:  May 12, 2017)

Guests:  Dr. Ralph Perrino, College Professor and Founder of Northern Virginia Tutoring; and Dr. Linda McGhee of McGhee & Associates.


Author’s Roundtable: What’s Your Story? | December 9, 2016

Periodically, we invite authors to showcase their books and engage with the audience.  This discussion features former elite basketball players whose books draw upon lessons learned in sports and their relevance to success in life.  (Air Date:  December 9, 2016)

Guests:  Bernadette Harris and Jackee DeVane, co-authors of Life & Basketball:  7 Locker Room Lessons That Score Big in Life ; Daryl Towe, author of Conquering Purpose:  7 Assists for Overcoming Average