Authors’ Roundtable: Her Journey

Today's guests share inspiring life stories as chronicled in their engaging literary works. In CEO of My Soul, by Nicole Cober, Esq., you will follow her rise as a corporate attorney, her courageous launch of an upscale spa and salon and her transition back to corporate law and advocacy for small business owners. Marilyn Thornton's Letters from Edgar's Trunk takes us back to rural Virginia and provides a vivid account of an African American family's everyday life and their treasured connections against the backdrop of World War I and the evolution of race relations, at home and abroad. (Original Air Date: April 14, 2017)


Nicole Cober Esq., Author of CEO of My Soul: The Self-Love Journey of a Small Business Owner and Principal Managing Partner, Cober, Johnson & Romney. 

Marilyn Thornton, Educator, Historian, and Author of Letters from Edgar's Trunk: Tell Them All To Write.

Who’s Minding The Store? Raising Entrepreneurs & Change-Makers

Have a little one in your house who rules the roost? Leaders may be born, but they must also be bred. What better way to channel that thirst for power and cultivate leadership in children than to encourage them to build their own enterprises. Sounds overwhelming, but when you start with their interests and passions, the sky's the limit. Today's guests have great ideas about how you can help your budding entrepreneur get started. (Air Date: March 30, 2018)


Tameka Montgomery, Founder & Host of Raising Entrepreneurs Podcast and CEO of Core Strategy Partners,

Marcella Mollon-Williams, Wealth Strategist at Lifetyme Financial LLC, Co-Founder of Legacy Builder Group, COO of Jewelz of Jordan, Co-Founder, Excel Youth Mentorship Institute,,, and