Overcoming Trauma, Part II: Helping Children Cope

Today, I talked with Psychotherapist and Trauma Consultant Beth Tyson.  She is committed to helping children and families process and overcome trauma in healthy ways using productive strategies.  Ms. Tyson shared coping strategies that are applicable in the pandemic we are in as well as other traumatic and stressful circumstances.  (Original Air Date:  Friday, February 12, 2021)

Guest:  Beth Tyson, Psychotherapist, Trauma Consultant, and Author/

Can We Really Be Alright? Overcoming Child Abuse & Trauma

I can still recall the days when I took my sons to see our pediatrician and there on her wall was the poem, “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum. It is an excerpt from his book of the same name, a collection of his favorite observations about everyday occurrences. This is a simplistic, yet enlightening validation that, in fact a very important foundation is laid in childhood that affects us in a myriad of ways — physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually, just to name a few. Disruption or dysfunction in these areas, when unchecked, can have a profound impact over the course of a person's life. Emotional and psychological security are nurtured through healthy relationships. We are at a profound disadvantage without these stakes in our lives. In this episode, we talk about how abuse and trauma disrupted one man's healthy childhood development and how he found healing even as an adult. (Air Date: April 13, 2018)