May 2, 2017 | Parent Talk: Tackling Technology

Carol Muleta Parenting Courses Parent Talk: Tackling Technology

Our children and technology… where to start?!

With all of the other challenges that have faced parents throughout time immemorial, this is a parenting burden that is unique to our age.  How to manage the lure and fascination that technology is to our children when, if we're honest, we're barely managing it for ourselves!

Technology brings the world effortlessly into our children's lives in so many wonderful ways:  educational opportunities, science culture, and entertainment.  Our children can discover things in moments that would have taken many of us hours, possibly days, not to mention a trip to the library or museum to learn.  We had to get out into your neighbourhoods, visit interesting and stimulating places, read books, and talk to people.

What a tremendous win… for us!

We are raising the “screen generation”.  These young lives are literally being lived through that device that, for many, lives in their hands.  So new is this phenomena that the greater effects have yet to be identified.

Let's get serious about how technology is impacting our kids… and what you can do about it!

On behalf of the Parent Encouragement Program, Inc.

WHEN:  May 2, 2017

WHERE: Glebe Elementary School, Arlington, VA