Looking Ahead: The Future of Girls & Women in STEAM

There is a drive to encourage more girls to pursue studies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in order to fill the pipeline with women prepared to fill critical positions across various STEM-based fields in the future.  To some degree, there has been success.  We are seeing more women  pursuing degrees in the sciences and launching successful careers; however, their numbers still fall a good bit behind that of males.  In this episode, I talk with two highly regarded professionals who have built successful STEM careers and have ideas about how we might be able to bring more women into the fold.  (Air Date: March 9, 2018)


Stephanie Espy, STEM education advocate, author, entrepreneur with engineering degrees from MIT and UC-Berkeley, along with an MBA.   

Dr. Diana Burley who holds degrees from Catholic University and Carnegie Mellon University, and now serves as Executive Director and Chair of the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P), Interim Associate Dean for Research and External Relations, and Professor of Human & Organizational Learning at the George Washington University.

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