Living Beyond Labels: Children Can Rise and Thrive Beyond Learning Challenges

When parents learn their child has a learning disability, it's often shocking, but it can be a relief at the same time.  They get answers to their questions along with strategies for helping their son or daughter overcome the obstacles in their path to success at school.  On the flip side, educators and others might consciously or unconsciously use those diagnoses as labels that blind them to the student's potential.  Today's guests are committed to creating better outcomes for students who have been labeled.  Dr. Kimberly Douglas creates and delivers courses that help parents guide their children's educational journey.  Dr. Linda McGhee helps students navigate academic and social situations, and conquer challenges posed by their learning differences. (Original air date:  April 10, 2020)


Dr. Kimberly Douglass, Founder of Reimagine Academy/

Dr. Linda McGhee, Clinical Psychologist, Speaker, and Radio Host/