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Helping Kids Make Sense of Dollars & Cents

According to eSchool News, “[n]early two-thirds of Americans can't pass a financial literacy test”. Join me here on Parenting 411 as I talk with two bold entrepreneurs who are hoping to change this outlook. First, you'll hear from Chuchi Arevalo, CEO and Founder of Spark Business Academy. Mr. Arevalo is on a mission “to promote […]

Handling the Holidays When the Heart is Grieving

The holiday season can be a time of “great cheer” as the song goes.  Yet, it can be a time of profound sadness as we remember losses we have suffered, especially recent losses.  There is a way out of grief and on to peace and understanding.  It is not always an easy way.  Today's guests […]

Conquering College: Getting In and Staying In

Students, and their parents, breathe a collective sigh of relief when they receive the good news — they've been admitted to college.  With the intense levels of stress and anxiety in today's competitive climate, it feels like the worst is over once they receive that affirmation.  The reality is that once our students get in, […]

Sexual Harassment in the News:  What Do We Tell The Children?

It seems every other day, we are hearing about another instance of sexual harassment/misconduct involving a high-profile person in the news.  How do we make sense of this for our children?  With this topic and all news, be mindful of the content your younger school-age children are taking in. When they come to you with […]