April 5-May 24, 2016 | PEPI: Parenting 5 – 12 Year-Olds

Carol Muleta parenting courses

These are the blossoming middle years of your child's development.  So many changes and such a wonderful age to parent!

Your child is eager for more independence and he's proving so much more capable of contributing to the home and family.  Routines can be much more easily managed and followed, responsibilities can be better shared and, really, it can seem a very pleasant and settled time in the household.

However, despite the growing competency and sense of responsibility of your child, your youngster still needs a lot from you.  Your supervision is still required and your guidance still incredibly significant during this stage of development.

Learn how to do your best to bring out the best in your child during these important, and still very formative middle years.

On behalf of the Parent Encouragement Program, Inc.

WHEN:  April 5, 2016 – May 24, 2016 (Weekly)

WHERE:  St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Arlington, VA




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